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1 Παίκτης, Μαθηματικά, Περιπέτεια, Παγίδες, Επιδεξιότητα με το ποντίκι, Εμπόδιο, Παιχνίδια συλλογών, Αντιστοίχιση, 3D, Δωρεάν , Unity3D, WebGL, Hyper-Casual | Ημερομηνία που προστέθηκε 16 May 2022
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Crowd Pusher is a fun new adventure 3D game to play. Enjoy the fun 3D environments as you have to collect the same colors, characters, and numbers to kill the boss in Crowd Pusher, a fun hype casual game. Collect as much crowd as you can to defeat the boss with out any doubt. You have to be careful to destroy the scary monster. Discover the action and adventure-filled Crowd Pusher game now!


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Crowd Pusher
Crowd Pusher
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