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1 Παίκτης, Εισβολή, Παιχνίδια συλλογών, 3D, Τέρατα, Δωμάτιο, Λαβύρινθος, Δωρεάν , Unity3D, WebGL, Τρόμος Επιβίωσης | Ημερομηνία που προστέθηκε 05 Sep 2023
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  • Look around/Rotate view
    Collect plank
    Run (Hold)
  • Tab key :
    Show objectives

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Backrooms: Escape Part 1 is a maze horror challenge game. In this endless maze of yellow rooms, where there is a smell of wet carpet and fluorescent lights buzz. As the legend says, this place consists of levels and floors. You are on one of these levels and you have to survive and escape from there. Can you find a way out? Be careful and look around. This scary adventure will make you feel fear not only from the monstrous loneliness of these yellow walls, but also from the monsters that can live here. Enjoy playing this game here at!

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Backrooms: Escape Part 1 - Action & Adventure -
Backrooms: Escape Part 1
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