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1 Παίκτης, Εισβολή, Επιδεξιότητα με το ποντίκι, Εμπόδιο, HTML5, Δωρεάν , Υψηλό Σκορ Y8, Αδρεναλίνη | Ημερομηνία που προστέθηκε 08 Aug 2018
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Arrow in Your Knee is a mouse skill game that needs your fast reflexes and dodge all the arrows coming towards you! If the ARROW gets you, it will deduct 15 life points while the ROCKET will deduct 10. FREEZE in the other hand, will slow down your movement while the RECOVERY will award you with 20 life points. And lastly avoid the BAD GUY in any cost because you'll definitely die for sure! How long can you hold up? Can you top the leaderboard? Play this game now and see if you have the skills to pay the bills!

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Arrow in Your Knee
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